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Women fashion cardigan/knit

If you too love the iconic Stella Nova style and the fashion forward pieces, then you are at the right place. On this page, you will find Stella Novas selection of cardigan and knit. At Stella Nova, you will always find a lovely and wide-ranging selection of knits and cardigans of all sorts. Both the soft and fluffy knit that you just cannot live without during the wintertime, or on a cold summer night. Also the delicate and thinner cardigans for when the everyday outfit needs something extra feminine. For Stella Nova it is important to create contrasts in every collection, meaning that the feminine pieces always have a small detail or an edge of masculinity in them. Mix and match your cardigan or knit with a Stella Nova skirt or a soft pair of pants and a t-shirt or top. Remember to sign up for the Stella Nova newsletter, so you never miss news, offers and inspiration when new pieces are up on the webshop.  
Stellas Wardrobe

Stella Nova collections transmit a French-inspired universe where beautiful and feminine details and materials are perfected with a cool touch of Scandinavian minimalism. The focal point is the creation of the perfect wardrobe with updated every day classics in a consistent quality where each design emanates from a deep love of contrasts, details and materials.
Contrast is a key element in the Stella Nova universe. The rough against the delicate, the stringent against the informal, the untamed and unpolished against the exclusive and sometimes dressed up. These are all opposites that meet and now form the framework of a new story.

You can buy Stella Nova online on this website.